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We reset Business plan in 2015 to deal with market challenges—Tullow Oil

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Tullow Oil Plc says it was prompted to reset the business in order to deal with the effects of the uncertain market situations as it labored deliver on…

South Sudan seeks to renegotiate Crude Transportation Charge with Khartoum

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South Sudan has asked immediate neighbor Khartoum to lift the lease of crude oil transportation facilities and cost due to danger posted by current market prices. South Sudanese…

Kenya government approves Africa oil—Mearsk farmout

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The government of Kenya has approved the recently announced farmout between giants Africa Oil and Danish giant  Maersk. The two firms entered a deal to acquire 50 percent stake in…

We should streamline auditing procedures for the Petroleum Fund—Expert

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By Silver Kayondo… Recently, the New Vision reported that the Petroleum Fund held by Bank of Uganda has so far received a deposit of $63 million (about Shs212…

Indecision on Export Pipeline is delaying Upstream Development for Uganda and Kenya Oil sector—Expert

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By Jonathan Markham… Oil and gas exploration in the East African Rift System has been gaining momentum since 2000, with an upturn in the number of wells drilled…

Kenyatta wants Plan to transport Crude Oil by road Finalized by end of January, Oil expected at Port by September 2016

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Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta has given a ‘State House team’ until the end of January to work out on the logistics of transporting the crude oil from the…

Export Pipeline needed to enable Commercialization of Uganda and Kenya Oil—Expert

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With recoverable oil reserve estimates of approximately 750 MMbbl and 600 MMbbl in Uganda and Kenya, respectively, and with government share of the reserves expected to be about…

Kenya in preparation to see crude sales in 2016 as Uganda remains uncertain

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Speculative media reports coming from Kenya say the country is in preparation to pump its Oil deposits from Lokichar valley to the International market in early 2016. According…

French Oil Firm Total Attacks Ugandan Tax Using Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

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By Edward Ronald Segyawa and Frank Mulder…. The heavily criticized legal mechanism, known as ISDS, is an important tool for European companies to pressurize developing countries. This year…

Uganda Oil and gas sector in 2015, progress haunted by the uncertain Crude Oil market

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The year 2016 comes with uncertainty yet 2015 no doubt has been a very successful year for Uganda’s Oil industry. It has been a year in which major…