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French Giant Total willing to Fund Construction of Uganda Crude Oil Pipeline to Tanzania

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Tanzanian Presidency said French giant Total is willing to Fund the construction of a crude Oil export pipeline from Uganda oil fields to Tanzania Port town of Tanga….

Tanzania Concludes Integrity Tests for Leading gas well, Production to Start in April

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UK based Solo oil plc and partner Aminex plc announced that all integrity tests on Tanzania’s Kiliwani North-1 gas well (KN-1) have been completed and the well awaits…

Video: Global Witness tightens Campaign against Uganda’s Oil Exploration Licence in Lake Edward

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London based civil society campaigner, Global witness has tightened opposition against the government of Uganda’s decision to issue Oil Exploration licences for blocks within Lake Albert and surrounding…

Uganda Decision to take pipeline to Tanzania Should be a lesson to Kenya Policy Makers

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By Mbatau wa Nga The announcement that Uganda and Tanzania had signed an agreement to build an oil pipeline between the former’s oil fields and Tanga Port did…

Kenya and Uganda Officials to meet over Uncertain Pipeline deal

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Kenya and Uganda officials are set to meet purposely look into the way forward for the much uncertain fate of the of Uganda Oil pipeline route, Kenya state…

The use of three dimensional Printing in Remedies

The use of three dimensional Printing in Remedies 3D generating is known as a particular ingredient procedure wherein a virtual file is used to produce any kind of…

Nigeria Plans to split National Oil Corporation into 30 Independent Companies as an Anti-Corruption measure

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Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) is to be split into 30 independent companies within weeks, the group’s head said on Thursday, in a restructuring designed to help tackle…

Major Oil producers plan to meet in Russia to agree on Output as way of saving the falling Crude Prices

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Key members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) intend to meet with other producers in Russia on March 20, 2016 to renew talks on an agreement…

Global witness rise Concerns about Environmental risks and Suitability of firms listed in Uganda Oil Exploration Licencing Round

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Commending the government of Uganda for publishing the seven bidders for its first Competitive Oil exploration Licences, watchdog group Global Witness has expressed concerns about the environmental risks…

Uganda Receive Bids for first Competitive Oil Exploration Licencing Round from Seven Firms

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Uganda has received seven bids for six oil exploration blocks offered in a licensing round and it plans to chose the winners and sign deals by the end…