New ‘Panama papers’ Expose Oil Companies and Gov’t Officials in Misuse of Corporate and Political power in Africa

Nearly four months after the initial release of the Panama [...]

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Watchdog: Nigeria Lost $5.9 Billion from Oil in 2013 due to Theft, vandalism and Irresponsible Gov’t Dealings

Africa's largest Oil producer Nigeria lost over $5.9 billion in [...]

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Angola Announce Discovery of New Oil and Natural gas Well, Find totals to 813 million barrels of oil equivalent

Angola’s state-run oil giant Sonangol, recently taken over by the [...]

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Inside the Tanzania Oil and Gas Sector: Roles and Key Regulatory Institutions of Uganda’s Major Oil Partner State

When delivering a keynote address at the Second Oil and [...]

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Nigeria Militant Group Bombing Oil Pipelines Says it won’t Stop Until Companies Exit Oil-rich Delta Region

Nigeria's armed group which has claimed responsibility of bombing oil [...]

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